Remnants of Slaughtergarde

Vayne falls!

Has Iuz been trapped!


After resting Connlac identifies the green leaf as an elven item, when grasped by an elf the leaf transforms into green key. The stone can be used to summon and control a huge earth elemental (takes on round to speak the command words, and it appears in 1d4 rounds). We give the leaf to Uriel, and the stone w/ box to Lidda.

Uriel tries the green key in the keyhole of the double doors, it does not fit. Connlac uses a new second level spell ‘knock’ and unlocks it. Through the doors is a 10 × 30 foot hall with sets of double doors on each of the long sides. One of the walls looks odd, Uriel notices a secret door on the narrow end of the tunnel.

Lidda discovers that the Stone of summoning Earth elementals is actually a Talisman of Zagy! It burdens her slowing her by half and vanishes when she tries to give it away.

It turns out the secret door was slightly ajar. Connlac sneaks to the door and peeks behind it revealing an oddly shaped eight sided room with silver outcroppings on three of the walls. A diagram made of circles is on the floor. A large 40’ circle takes up most of the room. Inside that are three smaller circles corresponding with the outcroppings. Two of those have smaller circles in them. There are three giant rutterkin in the room! They carry a pole are with pincers arranged around a spike. Behind them is a wizard with a quasit familiar on his shoulder.

Connlac pushes open the door and casts ice knife at the quasit! Gor steps into the room and to the left of the doors, from there he casts flame strike catching two of the rutterkin, the wizard and quasit. The rutterkin save and resist the fire, taking hardly any damage. The wizard and quasit appear untouched!. Uriel fires a couple of arrows at the front rutterkin and thinks he did a bit of damage. Lidda casts spiritual weapon at the wizard and that doesn’t appear to affect it either.
Connlac used a shadow garotte manouver on one of the rutterkin. Gor casts Interfaith Blessing. The rutterkin capture Connlac and Lidda in the pincers of their polearms. Uriel fires a volley of arrows at a rutterkin hitting twice, they seem to resist some of the damage. Lidda casts knight’s move to teleport out of the pincers and flank the same rutterkin hitting it. Her spiritual weapon misses again.
Connlac shadow jaunts out of the pincers and next to a fresh rutterkin. Gor casts bark skin on himself. The rutterkin attack again this time Gor is captured. Uriel fires another volley of arrows hitting three times, the rutterkin is still up and fighting! The wizard taunts us that his army will defeat us then casts Disintegrate on Gor who resisted the worst of it. Lidda turns her spiritial weapon on one of the rutterkin and attacks the one next to her.
Connlac shadow jaunts next to one of the silver outcroppings and yells, “follow my lead.” Gor activates his Hand of Glory to see invisible and scans the room he doesn’t see an invisible wizard. He manages to break free of the pincers and steps up to another outcropping. The rutterkin capture Gor again and he’s now badly hurt from the pincers. Uriel fires a volley of arrows hitting with all four, but that first rutterkin is still on it’s fee and moving towards Connlac. The wizard casts Baleful Polymorph onto Uriel turning him into a rabbit! Lidda casts Mass Align Weapon (good).
Connlac uses a martial manouver to strike the silver outcropping, it shimmers but is unaffected. He realized it is a force wall affect. Gor tries to cast Dispel Magic on Uriel the rabbit but fails because he’s still grappled. The rutterkin attack, one misses Connlac because of his shadow armor. Lidda is hit once but avoids the grapple. Gor is hit too. The rabbit, Uriel, runs from the wolves behind it and hides next to one of the silver outcroppings. The wizard casts Phantasmal Killer on Connlac but he resists it. Lidda attacks the rutterkin holding Gor again hitting it twice.
Connlac Bone Crushes a rutterkin finishing it off. Gor breaks free from grapple but is promptly caught again. He’s begun calling on Narebo’s Hand to heal him. The rabbit cowers. The wizard uses a wand again and misses. Lidda strikes down another rutterkin with two critical hits!
Connlac steps up to the last rutterkin striking it with long and short swords. Gor heals himself with spell and sword. The rutterkin attacks Connlac and grabs him. Uriel continues to cower. The wizard hits Connlac with Scorching Ray but his ring resists most of it. Lidda hits the last rutterkin with axe and spell.
Connlac tries to break free and fails. Gor rages and charges hitting the rutterkin. The rutterkin attacks Connlac. Uriel cowers. The wizard attacks Lidda with Scorching Ray and her Dragon Shield absorbs it. She attacks the rutterkin and hits, it looks pretty ragged now.
Connlac fails to break free from the grapple. Gor attacks and finishes off the last rutterkin. The wizard laughs maniacaly, “you defeated them but you won’t defeat me.” And begins casting another spell. Lidda warns us that he’s summoning and laborously runs towards the door.
Connlac runs to the rabbit, snatches it up and heads for the doors. Gor still raging charges one of the silver Forcewalls. A Fiendish Monstrous Scorpion appears and attacks Connlac. Lidda casts Ring of Blades and steps up to the scorpion.
Connlac engulfs his sword in even more flames and steps back to the scorpion. Gor charges it hitting it once. The scorpion attacks Gor. The wizard casts Scorching Ray on Gor. Lidda finishes off the scorpion.
Connlac flees the room. Gor charges the illusionary wizard in his rage. The wizard casts another spell at Gor but he resists it. Lidda begins summoning a Lantern Archon.
Connlac cast Fox’s Cunning on himself from a wand, and searches one of the doors in the hall. Gor continues to try to attack the illusion of the wizard ineffectively. The wizard casts another spell at Gor who resists it again. Lidda steps up to the illusion to see if her Ring of Blades affects it, they do not.
Connlac recovers Shadow Jaunt. Gor continues to fruitlessly attack the wizard who says, “you can’t defeat me, I am Vayne the great.” Then the illusion pulls out another wand, and creates a wall of razor sharp bone shards which cut up Gor. Lidda’s Lantern Archon shows up and she tells it to find the wizard, then heals herself with a cure critical, then drops ring of blades. THe Archon heads for the door Connlac is at.
Connlac uses Mountain Hammer on the door lands a mighty blow and dents it. Gor drops out of rage, staggers from the room and drinks a potion of Cure Serious Wounds. (He was at 5 HP!) The wizard casts another spell at Lidda but she resists it too. Then she runs after Gor to the safely of the hall.

We spend a few minutes healing ourselves. Gor closes the secret door. Connlac bashes the door repeatedly until it caves in! Connlac sneaks to the bottom of a stairway and sees motion at the top he signals Gor to charge.

Gor climbs to the top of the stairs and swings at a person sized spider, it vanishes when he hits it. Connlac Shadow Jaunts next to Gor. Lidda runs to the top of the stairs, trips over the top step and falls with a clatter. The wizard Vain steps around the next corner and casts another Scorthing Ray at Gor singing him.
Gor steps up the Vayne and slashes him with his scimitar. Connlac steps up the Vayne and Bone Crushes him, he scream in pain and drops. Then he finishes off the quasit!

A flicker of black light flashes around the room. A demon appears and resurrects Vayne with a wave of his hand Vayne pleads to Iuz for mercy. Iuz monolouges, calls Vayne a failure and a worthless fool. Gor turns to run and sees a wall has appeared at the top of the stairs. Iuz casts harm on us and kills Vayne again crushing the bones of his neck with a single hand dropping him disdainfully. Iuz threatens us but is interupted by ghostly tentacles which writhe out of the wall. He screams in rage & fear and the overlapping image of the demon and a frail old man is pulled into the wall. Connlac tells us that Iuz may have been trapped in a ward of the castle ruins, it has happened before.

Connlac loots Vayne. The wall fades and we flee the area.

Vain had; (page 129)
Bony wand, four other wands
6 scrolls
A weird floppy black disk (portable hole)
2 uses of diamond dust

The portable hole has a free standing book shelf (w/books), work table, cot, and three barrels of preserved food & water. On the workbench are 10 potions. There is also a tattered book bound in red leather on the cot.

We rest in the bedroom again. Spend most of our healing spells recovering from the mass Harm spell Iuz cast. Gor manages to dispel the polymorph spell returning Uriel to us with a taste for salad.

We wrap for the night.



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