Remnants of Slaughtergarde

The Battle of the Forge!

A giant in the mine!


We get 750 exp.

We prepare for the epic battle! Lidda casts Bull Str on Connlac, Gor casts Stone Skin on him. Then Gor casts Mass Resist Energy (fire) on the whole party including the wolves. Interfaith blessing on the party, then Barkskin on himself.

Uriel strides around the corner and lets loose two arrows (manyshot) sinking them deep into the front Verbeg, Pace lopes around the corner with him. The Efreeti casts scorching ray at Uriel but he resists it. Connlac follows Uriel into the hall and Shadow Jaunts to the far wall behind the Efreeti. Lidda steps into the hall and casts Spiritual Weapon but misses her first attack. Gor rushes around the corner and into the front casting Flame Strike on the Efreeti and Verbeg. Two Verbeeg rush Gor and two flank Connlac.

Uriel fires a volley of arrows (rapid shot) and finishes off three wounded Verbeeg with an arrow each, he hits the Efreeti with the fourth shot. The Efreeti casts a spell against Gor who resists it. Connlac draws a short and cuts down one of the Verbeeg flanking him. Lidda’s spiritual weapon misses the Efreeti again, and casts entropic shield on herself. Gor rages and charges the Efreeti, Ubu follows him in, Gor slashes open a thigh (Crit!) but Ubu trips himself up. The last two Verbeeg turn on Connlac.

Uriel moves forward and fires two arrows at the Efreeti hitting it, Pace circles and bits but does not trip it. The Efreeti swings it’s mighty fists bashing Gor. Connlac finishes off another Verbeeg and turns his blades on the last of them. Lidda’s spiritual weapon finally hits the Efreeti, and she moves up next to Uriel telling Gor to make room for her. A door opens and a human wearing heavy plate steps onto the landing, lifts a bow and shoots Gor! Gor sicks Ubu on the Armored archer, the wolf takes a hit from the Efreeti as it turns away. Gor slashes the Efreeti again and it evaporates!
Uriel steps into the room and finishes off the last Verbeeg with a single arrow. Notices the armored archer and shouts a warning to the others. Connlac steps away from the far wall and Shadow Garotts the new enemy. Lidda steps into the room and sends her spiritual weapon at it but misses. The archer provokes a bite from ubu when he fires a volley of arrows at Gor wounding him badly (two hits and a crit!). Gor leaps onto a table below the archer and cuts his legs out from under him. Ubu snaps at him again but misses. Uriel steps into the room and finishes him off with two more arrows.

Connlac checks the door in the corner of the room and finds a corridor with 8 columns that continues out of sight. Connlac guards the door. Gor closes the door to what looks like the archer’s bedroom. Lidda and Uriel begin to loot the smithy. While Gor heals himself he notices his scimitar Norebo’s hand helping (it can cast Cure Moderate wounds 2d8+3 2x per day). He heals Ubu’s wounds as well.

On the archer Lidda found Full Plate*, Cure Serious & Eagle’s Speldor Potions, Composite Longbow (+2 Str)* perhaps a frost bow – Uriel!, Heavy Steel Shield*, and mundane long sword.
The 6 verbeeg had leather armor, javelins, mourning stars, 60g, and smithing tools. We leave their gear.

There are three mostly complete Golem’s on the tables in the forge.

We search the bedroom. A thic rug covers the floor and a crystal shandeleer hangs from the ceiling. A bed with silk sheets, small table covered in papers and a teak armoir fill the room. The armoir has rich clothin including tabbards, noble, and royal outfit with Iuz symbol on them. Connlac teases Gor about burning them. The papers contain well drawn maps and plans to attack the city. We take those to turn over to the authorities. Uriel searches the bedroom and finds two secret doors. One leads back to the banquet room and looks well used. The other does not look like it has been used in some time.

We rest and recover our spent spells. Then we open the secret door and find a black stone disk on the floor. Connlac identifies it as a teleportation device. Lidda marks the wall nearby with the dwarven rune for teleport.

We go back to the room with the pillars and carefully check it for traps. The pillars have figures carved on them and the floor is rounded, lower between the pillars. While passing through the room Gor and Ubu fall alseep, the air is getting thin. Lidda grabs Gor, and Pace drags Ubu by the scruff we shamble out of the coridor and into a natural cavern. Jostling and slapping does not revive them. (they will wake in 10 minutes). Meanwhile

a cold wind flows through the cavern. The ledge we stand on varies from 5 to 10 feet wide along the wall. Thirty feet below the ledge the cavern floor is littered with stelagmites and boulders. The ledge slopes gradually to the floor at the other end of the cavern. Half a dozen ore carts stand next to 5 foot wide holes in the cavern floor.

Two axes fly out of the gloom and miss us. A Fomorian giant looms in the darkness fifty feet away. Connlac gets out a short bow. Uriel fires a volley of arrows hitting twice. It shrugs them off (damage reduction). Lidda turns from tending Gor, and begins summoning a giant celestial owl.
Connlac fires at the giant with poisoned arrows from his shortbow. The giant snatches an arrow and throws it back at Connlac but misses because of the shadow cloak. The giant steps off the ledge down to the cavern floor, grabs an ore cart and throws it at us, but misses. Uriel switches to the longbow they looted from the forge and fires. Then notices the giant seems to be healing it’s wounds. Lidda’s owl appears and attacks. She rushes forward and casts ring of blades.
Connlac drops his bow and throws a bead from his necklace of fireballs singing the giant. Then he climbs down to the floor of the cavern. The giant fiddles with some thing and dissaperas! Uriel uses his ring to turn invisible and steps back against the cavern wall. Lidda dismisses her ring of blades and calls the owl over to her.
Connlac hides in the shadows and moves along the cavern floor to just below Lidda on the ledge. The giant rips up a large stelagmite and throws it at Lidda. The owl and Connlac make oportunity attacks but miss. Lidda is rocked by the blow. Uriel steps forward and fires a volley of arrows. The giant throws one back, they are both wounded. Lidda casts clerical vestments and the owl attacks again.
connlac performs a mountain hammer manouver, and strikes a solid blow! The giant disappears again and Uriel follows his lead and uses his ring of invisibility again too, then steps into the entrance to the cavern in case he needs to make a run for it. Lidda casts blind sight letting her sense the where abouts of the giant.
Connlac moves forward at Lidda’s instruction and swings at the empty air. The giant appears, throws a boulder at Connlac and hits him, there is a spray of blood. Uriel fires another volley of arrows, the giant snags one and throws it back missing, so he only hit once. Lidda casts spiritual weapon hitting the giant.
Connlac steps up to the now visible giant and Bone Crushes him! The giant vanishes again. Uriel vanishes again as well. Lidda moves forward, sees the giant and attacks it with her spiritual weapon. She asks the owl to snatch her and drop her off next to Connlac which it does.
Connlac drinks a cure serious potion healing many of is wounds. The giant appears again and throws a boulder at Connlac but his shadow cloak hides him and it misses. Uriel appears again and fires another volley of arrows. As expected the giant throws one back and they are both hit once. Lidda attacks again with spiritual weapon and the owl does as well. Then she casts bull str on herself.
Connlac climbs up to the ledge ot help Uriel and Gor. The giant vanishes again and heads towards the other exit of the cavern. Uriel goes invisible and moves along the ledge. Lidda follows the giant and hits it again with spiritual weapon.
Connlac rushes over to Gor and tries to slap him awake to no avail. The giant throws a boulder at Lidda but misses. Uriel sees the boulder thrown from out of sight at the end of the cavern, he stays invisible and moves down the ledge. Lidda casts ring of blades again. and continues to attack the giant.
Connlac swaps his neclace of fireballs for Gor’s hand of glory. The giant attacks Lidda with an axe and hits her twice. Uriel finishes moving down the ledge and onto the cavern floor where he can see the giant. Lidda attacks the giant.
connlac rushes down the cavern towards the sound of battle. The giant continues to attack Lidda. Uriel fires a volley at it and finishes it off. The giant drops to the ground with a booming slam! Lidda chops his head off. Casts detect magic and finds a magic ring. It also had giant sized leather armor and some axes as well. Gor and Ubu eventually recovers from the sleep poison and wake up. We explore further and find that this chamber is a coal mine. The 10 – 15 foot wide passage the giant had retreated to winds to and fro for several hundred feet before opening up into another huge chamber. We head back to the coal mine to rest again.

We gain 2200 exp.

After we’ve rested Connlac examines the bow and sheild from the forge room trying to determine their properties. He does not know but plans to check them again later. We pack up and head back through the sleep gas trap room while holding our breath. We take narrow hall to the and come to a T intersection. To the left a statue of a bearded wizard (Bacab) stands in an alchove. To the right is a door. Connlac checks the and hears the echo of dripping water behind it. Gor opens the door and reveals a dusky skinned demonic winged woman in a long cave.

She says she is an elven princes named Rhaiani cursed to wear that form. she tells that another drow checks on her and feeds her every few days and that he taunts her telling that only an anti Magic Field or Mordenkainen’s disgunction can free her. Gor tells her, “it’s a good thing you explained, we would have assumed you were Kalystys and attacked.” she does not react to the name. Rhaiani offers us her cloak of resistance (+2) to aid in purchasing a scroll to free her. We promise to return, Uriel promises to return her to her homeland (in the hope of seducing her on the way) and we leave her cave.

We head down the hall to the copper statue of Bacab. Examining it reveals it is hollow and has the word “Zjarcon” inscribed on it’s left palm. In each direction the hall ends in rubble. Connlac tries to turn or move the statue but nothing happens. Gor clearly says “Zjarcon” with a flourish. Gor vanishes and in his place a skeleton in fine clothes crumples to the ground. connlac begins handing his magic items to Lidda, and says the word. Gor is standing in Connlac’s place. He takes a deep breath, says "It’s a trap, where’s Connlac, who’s that? pointing at the skeleton. Uriel hears the quiet gasps of connlac suffocating says, "find out how to get us out before we suffocate, and says the word. Gor and Uriel start taking turns letting the other out to breath. Gor suggests making the skeleton say the word. Connlac begins using martial manouvers to try to destroy the statue instead. Uriel and Gor continue to trade places while connlac bashes it with his mace until the statue peels open and releases Uriel. Connlac is cures (lvl 20) with a -1 to save vs spell. We gather up the magic items the skeleton had (page 114) and move on.

We head back to the room with the teleport. Gor summons a Janni and quickly but politely asks it to scout the teleportation disk for him. The Janni does, returning in a moment and telling of a room on the other end. Most important it’s a two way teleport! We rest to recover spells before heading through ourselves. They appear in a room with two teleportation disks although the other is a broken slab of stone and does not appear to work. Between the two is a statue of an unknown wizard in purple robes decorated with gold runes. We turn to the curtain and look around the edge revealing the other side of the room with another narrow (5 ft) hall heading north. It turns left and there is a flight of stairs down. We enter a wider corridor heading north and south. To the south are double doors, to the north are another set of double doors to the east, and a single door to the north and west.

The doors to the south are blue steel and glow with magic, Connlac thinks they have a protection spell on them. None of the other doors look magical. We head to the doors on the north east instead. Behind them we find a grandly carpeted and tapestried. A fountain is decorated with nymphs and driads. Bookshelves hold tomes, crystal balls, figurines, and even skulls on silver pedastals. A bed with silk sheets and table are also in the room. Lydda casts detect magic and sees that the fountain has a minor magic aura. One of the figures glows, another sings, but these are clever craftsmenship not magic (they don’t appear magic to Lydda). Connlac takes a statue of an elephant, and tosses one of a sucubus to Gor, they add them to packs. Connlac realizes that the tapestries all depict places in the lands of Iuz on Oerth. Uriel does his customary search for secret doors and doesn’t find any. The fountain seems to provide fresh clean water. Gor gathers up the four crystal balls because they look valuable. connlac even takes the silk sheets.

We move on to the north door, behind it is a room lines with wooden shelves. while large sections of the shelves are empty, there may still be as many as five hundred books. There is a small table and candleabra are in the middle of the room and a strange fireplace on the south wall. In the far corner a beholder appears from nowhere and demands to know why we are in its library. Connlac steps in front of Gor and lays out the lie that we are here because we were ordered to clean the place. It’s central eye is closed, and it responds by firing one of it’s eye rays at Connlac but misses. Gor charges it and his scimitar passes harmlessly through it. Lidda enters the room and attacks. Connlac remembering the beholder that killed him backs out of the room. Uriel steps into the room and fires a pair of arrows, noticing they pass completely through. Gor amuses himself by sticking his head in the illusions mouth, it gnaws on him illusionary blood falling to the floor. Gor casts detect magic and the candleabra has a faint aura, as well as two potions (Bears Endurance). Uriel notices a secret door on the west wall. Connlac finds some spell components and peruses them looking for any he needs. we ignore the illusion of the beholder and if fades away. Four barbed devils apear on the table and move out into the room!

Connlac attacks one of the barbed devils and it vanishes, it looks like mirror image. Connlac yells that one is real. Lidda swings at one on the other side of the table and hits it, this one does not vanish. Gor attacks one and it vanishes. Uriel steps into the corner and shoots two arrows at each of the remaining demons, one vanishes, his arrows have not effect on the other.
Gor casts Interfaith blessing. Lidda casts spiritual weapon which misses. The devil casts unholy blight sickening Uriel and wounding everyone. Connlac uses his Shadow Garotte manouver but misses. Uriel fires a single shot missing.
Gor rages and attacks wounding it, but takes damage in return from its barbs. Lidda’s spiritual weapon hits, she steps back and heals herself. The devil casts another spell but it fails because Gor is threatening him. connlac takes a moment to recover Shadow Garotte.
Gor hits again and is wounded by barbs in return. Lidda’s spiritual weapon hits again, and casts Align Weapon (good) on our weapons. The devil casts scortching ray at Lidda hitting her twice, overwhelming her fire resistance and burning her! Connlac shadow garottes the devil hitting it this time. Uriel fires another arrow, hits, and this time he wounds the demon because of the good aligned weapon.
Gor hits much harder this time but still takes damage from the barbs. Now he’s giving as good as he gets. Lidda’s spiritual weapon misses, but she steps forward and chops it with her axe. The devil grabs Gor and pulls him to it impaling him on it’s barbs. Connlac slams his sword down onto the table smashing it. The devil falls taking Gor down with him. Uriel shoots the devil again.
Gor tries to break free but is unable to. Lidda’s spiritual weapon hits, and so does she. The devil releases Gor and stands provoking attacks and hits from Gor and Connlac, then it claws him twice. Gor resists the devil’s fear. Connlac attacks with a Mountain Hammer manouver hitting the devil, it looks ragged too. Uriel fires a volley but all miss.
Gor staggers to his feet gets hit by the devil again, and then strikes it down. The body evaperates and Gor colapses dying as the rage that sustained him ends. Lidda casts cure critical on him and brings him back around.
We spends some time healing. Gor burns through all of his healing spells, and even calls on Norebo’s hand but when we lay down to rest the wolves, Uriel and Gor are all healed.

Uriel finds a peep hole by the secret door. So we take refuge in the bedroom.



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