Remnants of Slaughtergarde

Purple Worm!

Collapsing the stairs.


The nearby store rooms have tons of provisions enough to supply an army. We reset, heal, then rest again so we are fully recovered and have all our spells before we continue exploring. Our imediate choices are a series of hollow earthen mounds. To our left are more crumbling buildings.

When we go to investigate the dirt mounds shambling mounds and violet fungi attack us!

Lidda casts bull Str on Connlac. He casts ice knife at one of ths shambling mounds. Gor casts Interfaith Blessing. Uriel fires a volley at the same shambler Connlac struck hitting with each shaft. The shamblers lurch forward and attack Connlac and Gor but only hit Connla once. The violet fungi creep forward.
Lidda cast Spiritual weapon and wades through the brush towards one of the voilet fungi. Connlac shadow garotte’s the wounded shambler. Gor strides through te dense brush and slashes the wounded shambler with Narebo’s hand. Uriel fires another volley of arrows and the brings the wounded shambler down in a fury of lashing tentacles. The remaining shambler attacks Gor wraping it’s tentacles around him but he breaks free. A violet fungi creeps up to Lidda and misses her.
Lidda moves her spiritual weapon to the other shambler and attacks the fungi next to her. Connlac sets flame to his sword and moves to Lidda’s aid striking the same fungi. Gor steps into the whirling tentacles and attacks the shambler but gets pumlled in return. Uriel fires another volley at it. The shambler and violet fungi attack in a mass of flailing tentacles. The one violet fungi that hits injects a poison but Gor shakes it off.
Lidda’s spiritual weapon continues to attack the shambler, as she chops at the fungi in front of her. Connlac finishes off the fungi on Lidda with quick slashes of his two swords. Gor slashes the shambler leaving seeping wounds in it’s bark? Uriel fires another volley and finishes off this shambler too. Two violet fungi continue to attack Gor as a third crawls towards them. Gor is struck three times but again shrugs off the poison.
Lidda moves her spiritual weapon to attack one of Gor’s opponents then teleports behind one of the ones fighting Gor. Connlac moves to the third fungi engulfs his sword in flames and strikes it. Gor chops the fungi in front of him twice. Uriel finishes it off too, and sinks a last arrow into the one fighting Connlac. The fungi continue to attack Gor and Connlac their few hits continue to inflict poison but we shake it off.
Lidda shifts her spiritual weapon to the fungi next to her and attacks it with axes of force and steel. Connlac attacks with searing blade again cutting it down and leaving it aflame. Gor cuts down the last violet fungi.

Lidda steps on a mushroom that bursts in a cloud poisoning Gor and lowering his con. Gor casts Mass Lessor Vigor, healing Lidda, Connlac, and himself. Then he uses lessor restoration to recover from the effects of the poison. Finally he casts Greater Vigor and heals fully.

In hte mean time Connlac investigates one of the mounds finding a mouldering mat and beneath that a rusted shut chest, once broken open he finds a wand of dispell magic! We investigate the other six huts and find; a small stach of coin 35g, The rest of the mounds are empty.

There is also a waterfall emptying into a brackish stream we see little fishes in there. Connlac sees the glint of metal in the water. He uses mage hand to try to grab it but can’t pull it loose. Gor swims down and finds a shield mired in the muck at the bottom of the stream. Connlac helps Gor pull it free from the water and when Connlac studies it determies it is a magic Lion’s shield. We give it to Lidda.

We head to the ruins to the north and find the remains of an ancient baracks. As we aproach Connlac and Uriel hear some thing. Connlac investigates and sees a gargantuan Purple Worm! We prepair by casting spells bear’s endurance, displacement, barkskin, etc then hear the beast move as it’s head rises above the ruin.

Connlac casts true strike on his sword and moves into the ruin. Lidda casts spiritual weapon on the beast. GOr begins summoning natures ally. Uriel launches a volley of arrows. The worm rumbles towards us.
Connlac moves to the beast and strikes it. Lidda’s spiritual weapon continues to attack as she casts spiritual weapon. Gor’s dire boar appears and attacks to worm. He steps away and begins casting another summons, narrowly avoiding being snatched up in it’s maw. Uriel fires another volley of arrows at it, sinking one into a tender spot (crit). The worm snaps Uriel up in its huge jaws.
Connlac bone crushes the worm and its massive flank shudders under the blow. Lidda’s spiritual weapon continues to rain blows down on it then she steps forward and hacks at it with her axe. Another dire boar arives next to the worm and both attack. Gor rages moves next to Lidda and attacks with Narebo’s Hand. Uriel throws his bow clear of the fight and struggles to break free. The purple worm’s tail lashes out and hits Connlac poisoning him, then it swallows Uriel!
Connlac drinks a restoration potion. Lidda continues to chop at the beast with steel and force axes and it falls before her. We immediatly set to chopping Uriel out of the worm’s gullet. In a few moments we’ve cut him gasping and acid burned from it’s belly.

We clean and heal Uriel up as best we can. The purple worm’s poison continues to drain Connlac’s strength until Lidda casts restoration. Connlac collects vials of blood from the worm, wraps up parts of various organs in scavanged bedding, He even takes some teeth and the poison sack in it’s tail. It looks like the purple worm burrowed up from the under dark below looking for exotic meals.

We discuss how to stop the army Iuz henchmen have threatened us with. We guess they will be traveling through the underdark and up the stairway under the piramid. Lidda thinks we can collapse the stairs and part of the ceiling above it into the shaft by chopping down the beams supporting both. Lidda summons a large earth elemental using a scroll and asks it to knock down the beams. It rumbles over and begins slamming them. Soon the ceiling and stairs fall with a great comotion and billowing of dust.

We get 2500 exp and wrap for the night.



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