Remnants of Slaughtergarde

Hobgoblin Priest

bar-lgura skeletons


Charlie gives us 2625 exp.

We head back to the library and Connlac searches the secret door for a way to open it. He determines that it is magically trapped and suggests Gor dispel it. He does to reveal a long thin room with shelves and a battered overstuffed chair which looks worse for the wear probably because of the barbed devil.

On the shelves are;
5 books (3 look like spell books, the forth is empty, the fifth is bound in black leather)
metal box (magic stone)
3 bone scroll tubes (vision, anylize dweomer, freedom)
A green metal leaf in a glass case (the leaf is magic)

Connlac uses a mountain hammer strike to try to cut the lock off the metal box with his short sword. The lock falls free. Inside the box is a stone that also glows with magic.

The first spell book contains all first level spells in the PHB, except Tenser’s Floating Disk, and Nystul’s Magic Aura.

The second and third spell book contain all the second level spells in the PHB except; Melf’s acid arrow, Leomunds Trap, & Tasha’s Hidious Laughter.

The fourth book is blank but magical (blank spell book?)

The fifth book has notes and diagrams on portals that link several areas in the tower of magic. We find comments about a nearby passage that requires gaseous form to use.

We pack up the books, box, scrolls, and leaf into Uriel’s bag of holding and continue our exploration.

We find a few unused rooms, some stairs leading down and a chaple or shrine. Two rows of pews lead to a black alter is caked with blood, bones lay at it’s base. Standing guard over the alter is a statue of a leering old man seated on a throne of skulls. A pale gaunt hobgoblin stands behind the alter, half a dozen skeletons stand along the walls at the ends of the pews.

Connlac realized the Hobgoblin sees him and signals Gor to attack. Connlac steps into the room and uses shadow garotte on the hobgoblin. Lidda calls on Clangeddin and turns three of them and they flee to the altar. The hobgoblin casts a spell, we don’t see it’s affect. Gor strides into the center of the room and flame strikes the altar catching the hobgoblin and three of the skeletons. Two of the skeleton’s attack Gor with claws and bite, they have a disgusting worm among the bones. Gor remembers edged and piercing weapons don’t harm them much. Uriel steps to the door to the shrine and misses with a couple of arrows.
Connlac casts Kilgores Fire bolt at one of the skeleton’s. Lidda casts ring of blades and grabs her mace. The hobgoblin casts confusion but we all resist its effects. Gor grabs his club, rages and hits a skeleton a couple of times. Gor gets savaged again by skeletons. Uriel fires a volley of arrows at the hobgoblin and it falls.
Connlac grabs his light mace steps up to one of the skeletons fighting Gor and bone crushes it! Lidda punds away at the skeleton she’s fighting and it takes damage from her ring of blades as well. Gor clubs another one twice and it explodes in a wash of negative energy. He cleaves another one but it badly wounded, he calls on Narebo’s hand to heal him but gets struck down by a skeleton first. Uriel fires a volley at the skeleton fighting Lidda hitting it twice, she notices it takes the cold damage too.
Connlac recovers bone crusher and strikes the skeleton standing over Gor. Lidda casts spiritual weapon and the skeleton she’s fighting explodes. The third skeleton not cowering turns and attacks Connlac. Uriel fires a volley of arrows at it and it explodes too.

Lidda hauls Gor over her shoulder and the party retreats to the opulent bedroom baring the door. Connlac and Lidda heal as best they can and then she raised Gor from the dead! He’s almost as good as new! 10th level. We rest to recover lost spells.

On our way back to the room with the bar-lgura (skeletons) Gor casts barkskin and interfaith blessing. Lidda steps to the door and rebukes the remaining undead. This time only one of the skeletons retreat.

Connlac steps behind Lidda pulls one of the remaining beads from his necklace and waits. Lidda casts Light of Lunia. Two of the skeletons rush towards Lidda and Connlac throws his bead it explodes in a ball of fire filling the room and singeing the skeletons. One attacks Lidda the other can’t get to her yet. Lidda stands them off while Connlac and Uriel make ranged attacks. Gor summons a dire boar and we make quick work of the remaining skeletons.

Lidda says the statue is of the old one himself this is an evil room and attacks the statue with her spiritual hammer. When Gor realized this is a shrine to Iuz he goes and hides by the wolves. Griping about how they should have told him, and no wonder he died there. Lidda continues to attack the statue with her spritual hammer. She gets struck with an inflict wounds effect and stops attacking the statue. Connlac bravely goes to loot the hobgoblin’s body. When Connlac steps on the dias he feels a terrible itch but he resists the spell

The hobgoblin had;
Three vials of water (unholy?)
A magic rod
Full plate armor
A magic great sword
15lbs of silver dust
3 black onyx
12 pearls

The end of the hall past the shrine ends in what looks like a huge funnel laying on its side. The tunnel narrows to a small round tube. Runes surround the widest part and there is a mist beyond them. Gor points out this may be the passage that requires gaseous form to pass that he read about in the book of portals.

We head back to a magically locked set of double doors. Gor can’t cast dispel magic again today so we’ll have to rest and try again later.

We wrap for the night, and get 1000 exp.



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